Why Is Tree Trimming Important?

Did you know that planting trees add value to your home? Aside from that, it does many other things you never think about, like reducing energy costs, sprucing up your outdoors, and nurturing wildlife that surrounds you. When you really think about it, maybe money grows on trees, after all! Talk to a realtor and he tells you how trees add a huge amount to the market value of your property.

There’s no doubt that trees are important components of any beautiful landscape. However, keeping them that way requires routine maintenance. Tree services, more particularly tree trimming or pruning are essential to ensure the tree’s health and beauty. Regular trimming and pruning maintain the desired tree shape while also increasing its vitality. Trimming also ensures your safety as you live under the branches of the tree. There are more benefits to tree trimming and pruning and these are:

1. Beautifying your landscape

Like other creatures, trees have a life. As such, their branches get diseased or even die. On the other hand, its crown may also get crowded during its most robust stage. All of these instances require proper tree pruning as the process helps in directing the future growth of the tree.

Trimming is required to shape the leaves and branches of a full-grown tree. It is highly recommended that you schedule a tree trimming service during the colder months. Make it a point to prune a good part of your tree each year instead of a lot of its branches at a single time.

2. Improving the tree’s overall health

Pruning may improve your tree’s overall health and that’s a fact. This is true if your tree acquired diseases from insect infestation. Trimming is the process of removing all issues found in the tree’s branches. Doing so prevents the spread of diseases and further infestation of pests.

Removing such concerned areas keeps the problem from affecting the healthy branches. Furthermore, removing diseased or dead wood allows the tree to use all its energy to ensure healthy growth, instead of nurturing parts that can no longer be restored to its optimal condition.

3. Reducing risk of storm damage

If your trees are growing near the power lines or if they are planted near the foundation of your home and other pertinent structures, then you’ll definitely require regular tree trimming services. Doing so will ensure the security and safety the people who are nearby. You need to eliminate weak or cracked branches so as to prevent any accidents in cases of strong winds, hurricane, and snowstorm.

If you need assistance in getting tree services near you, seek the assistance of qualified Portland tree service providers and they’ll happily provide trimming or pruning services at prices that you can afford. Specifically look for expert arborists in your area as they are the tree experts with the proper education, training, and experience in handling pruning, trimming, and any other type of tree care work. They also have all the equipment and manpower needed to perform all kinds of tree services safely.