The Americans and Their Flag

Since the United States is a very diverse country in terms of ethnicity, it was difficult to create a symbol that would include the entire population. Unlike the UK, the US also doesn’t have a monarchy that can symbolize the nation. It only has a president, which can be more a symbol of division than unity.

Even the external and internal borders of the United States are artificial. It has never been geographic in nature because even the people who live in South America and Central America can say that they’re Americans and still be technically correct.

Hail the Stars and Stripes

Since the US flag of Stars and Stripes was materialized, it has been associated with a good number of sentiments, ideologies, and events. The embodiment of the states as each star of the flag and the 13 original states of the union in the flag has been effective. That’s why the American flag is now rooted in the country’s origins.

If you go back to the major events of American history, you’ll notice that the flag is always present in the event’s imagery. The American flag is there during the first moon landing and when the firefighters are over the World Trade Center ruins.

The Significance of the American Flag

The American flag has a lot of meaning and significance. More than expressing the identity of the nation, it also speaks of its history and spirit. There’s no doubt that the American flag is actively representing its thriving country.

That’s the reason why you always hear fireworks during the fourth of July. The patriotism of the American nation can never be denied. When all else fails, they all go back to the flag and start right from the very core of the nation.

Wooden American Flags

Flags don’t just come in textile form. Right now, you can also buy a wooden American flag from a souvenir shop or a tribute store. Such type of flag appeals most to our grandparents and parents who faithfully serve the country and the American people.

The Americans are strongly devotion to protecting fellow Americans and providing public service, whether they’re part of the military and law enforcement or as a civilian. These are the very people who teach the young ones what being a true American is like. Being an American is to have pride and integrity in all that you do, and it is best shown by selfless acts and sacrifices for American families, friends, and even strangers.

Making Wooden American Flags

For a lot of people, making wooden American flags is more than just a hobby. It may start like that but in the long run, it becomes their passion. They’ll realize that creating symbols of the patriotism is the least that you can do to promote nationalism among fellow Americans. The American flag signifies a lot of things, but mostly loyalty, courage, and heroism. One doesn’t have to be in the military to serve the American nation. They simply have to live according to the very thing that the American flag symbolizes.