How to Have an Easier Carpet Cleaning Process 

The spring season time of the year where you get spring clean to make sure every spot in your home is nice and tidy. There will be some parts that will be a breeze to clean but there are some parts that will surely give you a hard time like that dusty carpet that’s been laying on your living room. Hopefully these carpet cleaning life hacks will give you an easy time catering to your carpets.  Carpet stains are tough to remove and after multiple attempts it seems impossible to get rid of.  

Carpet Cleaning

The secret to removing stains is by simply using an iron, prep the carpet using a carpet to remove the dirt and debris. After, dab the stains with a towel that is moist with an acidic solution. Put the towel on the stained area and start ironing that area, you will notice that it will start fading away quickly. Continue to iron the towel until your carpet is stain free.  

Carpets can give out an awful stench if it is left untreated, once it reaches this stage it can be hard to remove the bad odor. One way of making sure it smells good and fresh is by using baking powder and any type of essential oil of your choice. This will give your carpet a new fresh smell that you’ve been wanting and it is really easy to do. 

Pick a scent of your choice for your essential oil and then mix 15 to 20 drops with around 15 ounces of baking soda. Mix thoroughly until the baking powder has dissolved completely and that the texture is nice and smooth. All you have to do is to try and spray every inch of the sofa with this solution and let it rest for 10 minutes. The solution will dry out and you should vacuum all the debris until the sofa is clean.  Remember that you need to clean the deep-seated areas of your carpet and not only the exterior parts. There are a lot of allergens and bacteria that lay inside your sofa and can give you an uncomfortable experience while you sit on it.  

A deep clean carpet cleaner solution will be able to penetrate deep into fabric and wipe out all the bacteria that may be living inside of the couch. It is natural for your carpet to start looking flat and lack volume because of all the feet that have stepped on it. A flat carpet is just a sign of an aging carpet and it does give out a positive look. By spraying an acidic solution on the fibers of the carpet will allow them to stiffen and stand up once again.  

These are some carpet cleaning hacks that you can do to rejuvenate your carpet. You no longer have to dread cleaning your carpet because this will make your job a lot easier and the effects are fast. But, if you think you are not capable enough of doing this, then it’s best that you consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning harrisburg PA company.